Building Permits

Why do I need a permit?

The purpose of requiring a Building Permit is to verify compliance with the Township Zoning Ordinance. The items of interest that pertain to the Zoning Ordinance are: setbacks of the structure from property lines, height of structures, use of structures and distance from other structures.

When do I need a permit?
The Following are "examples" only. Permits are not limited to this list.

Permit is required prior to the construction of the following.
1. New Homes
2. Additions to homes
3. Detached Garages
4. Garages-Attached or Integral
5. Decks
6. Deck roof, Porch roof
7. Porches-with or without roof structure
8. Chimneys
9. Remodeling-Any remodeling or alterations of the house which involves changing the structure or supporting members, such as creating new window or door openings, as opposed to replacing windows or doors.
10. Roof-changes to the roof (such as adding dormers or in changing from a flat roof to a gable roof)
11. Sheds-Utility sheds
12. Swimming pools-(in-ground pool and above ground pools that ore over 24" deep)
13. Spas/Hot tubs-Indoors and outdoors
14. Finished basements-permits are required when new walls, doors, windows, bedrooms, or other passageways are created.
15. Pluming/mechanical/electrical installations in new homes or additions
16. Mobile Homes
17. New Electrical Work that is not a repair or replacement of existing systems.
  Depending on the nature of work performed a variety of inspections maybe required.

How do I get a permit?
The Permit process is as follows:

    • Applicant submits a completed application and required information to Ed Wenger/Light -Heigel Associates. He will review the submittal for code compliance (usually within 3 – 5 days)
    • Applicant is contacted for further information, if necessary
    • Upon review and approval, applicant is notified of permit fee amount
    • Applicant submits permit fee and obtains permit


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