Residents of Rockefeller Township are encouraged to recycle. 
 Drop Off Site
The Rockefeller Township drop-off site  is located at the Township Municipal Building facility, 538 Seven Points Road, Sunbury. An Eager Beaver Recycling Traileris located at the left end of the building. 

Accepted recyclable materials include:
Clear, brown or green glass, tin and aluminum

Glass – Bottles & Jugs - rinsed, separated by color,
less lids and paper labels     
Aluminum cans - rinsed
Bi-Metal cans – rinsed less paper labels

Each bin is clearly marked. If you have any questions about the recycling program, please feel free to contact the Township office at 286-1283 or email Julie Powell.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




538 Seven Points Road
Sunbury,Pennsylvania 17801
Phone: 570-286-1283/Fax: 570-286-2659


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