02/27/24 – Meeting Minutes

Shamokin Dam

02/27/24 – Meeting Minutes

The meeting of the Rockefeller Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at
6:00 p.m. at the Township building by Chairman, Colin Clayberger.

Colin Clayberger, Julie A. Powell, Skyler Herb, , George Herrold, Paula Greco

Colin made a motion to approve the minutes. Skyler seconded the motion. Motion passed
without opposition.
Skyler made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report and file for audit. Julie seconded
the motion.
Colin read from a letter the township received from PPL about work they will be doing in
the area. They sent a copy of a letter they will be sending to residents that will be affected.
Julie asked when we will be starting the review for the Zoning portion of our ordinances.
There was some discussion and it was decided that it will be May 6th at 6 PM or shortly after if
the Planning Commission board has a set of plans to review. Julie asked if Ed Wenger should be
in attendance for these meetings. Colin stated he didn’t think it was necessary for him to be
there. Skyler suggested we do the changes then send them to Ed Wenger for his thoughts and or
suggestions. Paula will contact the Resident representative, Dan Corbin. Julie will reach out to
John Jackson and make him aware of it so he can contact the Planning Commission members.
Julie asked if it needs to be advertised. There was some discussion. Julie will contact Atty. Greco
for his advice. (The meetings were already advertised for the Planning Commission).


Road Status Report -The crew pushed back drifts from the snowstorm. They replaced downed
signs, they worked on the equipment, and they replaced items that were damaged by the power
surge. They also graded an area of Carroll and added stone to it. They are working with Julie on
coming up with a plan for this year’s roadwork. Colin stated that the COG will be opening the
Aggregate bids on March 20th.
Zoning Investigations – Ed Wenger sent a letter to the Kemper’s on Captain Bloom Road
advising them that no on can live in the travel trailer they have parked on their property. Ed also
stated that he was told there is a warrant out for the arrest of the Sinsel’s since they failed to
attend the hearing at the Magistrate’s office. Julie received a complain yesterday about someone
in the Points feeding feral cats and there being an increase of wild animals because of it (Skunk,
raccoon, etc.). She advisded them that she did not think tha the township had any ordinance
regarding that but would check with zoning. She spoke with Ed. W. and he stated that there is
nothing we can do. She will call the resident and tell him the same.

Government Funds – Colin read aloud the reply Julie received from Sam Hallman from SEC
TV. The notes stated “We have the equipment installed in the telecom cabinet and have been
performing testing. All is good there. There is fiber splicing work to be completed and then we
test each tap port for light signal and fiber strand verification. The fiber optic cable drop line to
homes connects the tap port to the ONT device we place in the home. Depending on the weather,
we hope to complete the fiber splicing and testing during the first quarter so that we can begin
performing installations in late March. Julie did receive an email from a resident requesting an
update, so she provided this information to them.

Tyler Karycki/Bill Yost – Property Issue – Atty. Greco sent an email to Atty. Bathgate.

Stormwater Management Ordinance -Atty. Greco is going to prepare something for the next
meeting. A fee schedule will need to be created.

Hazen Road Turn around – Mark Hassinger – Colin stated that Julie has suggested they hire
the company that was used previously for drone work. Julie explained that it was actually Paula
Greco that suggested it. Colin stated that we have used them in the past and it was very helpful.
Colin made a motion to have Julie contact ‘On the Fly’ and have them get the drone footage.
Skyler seconded the motion. Motion passed without opposition.

Solar Farm – Nothing more currently.

Road Bonding – Colin will speak to Barry about it when he sees him at the next COG meeting.

Generator and Propane Tank -Julie spoke with Curtis O’Neil from Light-Heigle and he said
that the PA UCC doesn’t address the propane tanks. He stated that the Board doesn’t need
anything from him to install the tank. Julie contacted Ed Wenger about a zoning permit, and he
told her that there is nothing specific in our zoning. The Board discussed this and decided it is
something to be addressed in the upcoming meetings where we will be updating the zoning. She
will continue to get prices for the installation.

Comfort Road Fire Training – 104 Comfort Road – Julie has not received any information
from the fire company yet. She stated she had called Jay Long (Sunbury Fire Co) that morning
and he told her everything is finished, and he would send her the paperwork that night. Colin
said they cannot do it until we have the paperwork.

Jarrett Road – Julie spoke with Atty. Greco and he had a thought/suggestion about it which she
told him she would speak to our Engineer Mike Brinkash about. Julie spoke to Mike today and
he said that the suggestions would only be a band-aid to the problem. He suggested we have
them go out and do a few measurements on the cross sections and things needed for a permit
(which we will need if any project is done). Once he gets the actual measurements, he will see
what the largest pipe is (to have the right amount of cover for) that we can put in. He then said
we could apply for a dirt and gravel road grant and hope to get it. If we find it over tops a few
years down the road then perhaps we will have to revisit with the idea of a second pipe. Skyler
asked how much it will cost to have Brinkash and Associates do these measurements. Julie said
she was not sure. She stated that for the many, many times she and Mike talk about different
Township issues he has never charged the township for the time spent in the calls where he is
advising us. Colin made a motion to have Mike get the measurements. Julie seconded the
motion. The motion passed without opposition.

Spring Road Inspection – March 18th at 3 PM is the next Road inspection. The Board and
Crew will eat dinner together and then immediately following it we will have an employee
meeting. Julie said once the inspection is finished, they will know better if the numbers they
have for the upcoming road work are accurate.

Possible Claim from Loss of Power/Generator Arc – Julie has been keeping a running tally on
all the items damaged and needing replaced. She also contacted the insurance agency to make
them aware of the situation. The total of the claim will be $739.35 but after the $500 deductible,
the township will only receive $239.35. Julie reminded the Board that for many of the past 20
years we have received dividend checks from the Insurance Company totally in the $1,000’s. for
low claim exposure. She wondered if this will affect their dividend check. The Board decided
she should call the Insurance Agent and discuss the matter with him. If it involves losing funds
from the dividend check it may not be worth submitting.


Review of and authorization to pay all bills- Skyler made a motion to pay all bills. Julie
seconded the motion. Motion passed without opposition.

Other New Business – Julie stated that Atty. Greco was contacted about our portion of the
payment for the Worker’s Compensation for Stonington Fire Company, carried by Shamokin
Township. They explained to Skyler that a few years back we were notified that we would have
to help pay for the percentage of calls that were made for our township. Julie stated that the list
this year shows a total percentage of .236 of the calls were in Rockefeller. Colin questioned it
because he doesn’t understand why they would be going out on calls for downed trees when our
crews take care of that. The total for that is 16. If that were deducted the percentage owed would
be considerably less. Julie stated she would see if Atty. Greco could find out about that. In the
meantime, she stated she had contacted Atty. Greco to ask what the total premium for the policy
is because the Board cannot figure out what we owe without that figure. Atty. Greco wrote Juile
and said he would write Atty. Bathgate again about it.

Julie brought up a second issue being the process of destroying old files. She explained to Skyler
that this had been discussed in the past and we were going to look into hiring a shredding
company to do the work. Julie said when she spoke to a few she learned that they would rather
come when we have a large amount of work to be shredded. She explained to the Board that the
files they would be destroying at this time is only payroll records from 2016 and before. She
stated that the State has a large book that regulates what should be stored and what can be
destroyed. She wants to at least start working on this because space is a premium. Skyler
suggested a company in Williamsport which Julie stated she had contacted. The issue is these
are payroll records, and they contact a lot of personal data including social security numbers.
After some discussion it was decided that Julie would destroy the records by burning them.
There is a resolution that has been prepared and will be on the agenda for the next meeting.
Whenever records are destroyed a resolution must be passed listing exactly what records they
were. Skyler made a motion that Julie be allowed to burn the records once the resolution is
passed. Julie seconded the motion. Motion passed without opposition.

Residents Comments – Nothing

Motion to Adjourn- Colin made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:40 p.m. Julie seconded the
motion. Motion passed without opposition.

FIRST NATIONAL -General $207,087.18*
FIRST NATIONAL Gen. Savings $ 20,021.84*
FIRST NATIONAL- State $18,401.91 *
FIRST NATIONAL-State Savings $29,521.57*
EQUIPMENT FUND $ 39,691.62*
Grant Income Account $ 200,649.24*

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