04/25/23 – Meeting Minutes

Shamokin Dam

04/25/23 – Meeting Minutes

The meeting of the Rockefeller Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at
6:00 p.m. at the Township building by Chairman, Colin Clayberger.


Colin Clayberger, Paula Greco, Julie A. Powell, George Herrold

Paula made a motion to approve the minutes. Colin seconded the motion. Motion passed
without opposition.
Paula made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Colins seconded the motion.
Motion passed without opposition.
The next meeting is on June 5, 2023.
RESOLUTION-#2023-3 – SALDO Fee Schedule – Colin read the resolution aloud. Colin
made a motion to adopt it. Julie seconded the motion. Motion carried without any opposition.


Road Status Report – The crew worked with Upper Augusta and Shamokin Townships to pull
ditches in all three townships. They completed the project. They also ripped and rebuilt part of
Bar, Whities and Hollow Roads. They removed downed trees from Swank and Klinger Roads.
They also opened culverts on Hollow Road. The crew also took the recycling out. They
continue to maintain and take care of the township equipment. Colin stated that he talked with
Floyd about the turnaround. The Board continued to discuss this matter and all three agreed that
Floyd needs to clean up the area so we can again use the turnaround as we are supposed to. Colin
stated he would speak with Floyd and take Austin with him.

Zoning Investigations – Ed Wenger was given several issues to look at. One Colin sent to him
regarding a property on Clemens Road. He was also given two properties to look at on Overlook
Drive. One of the residents stated he is bringing in junk cars and putting them back on the
property where the township cannot see them. Ed did look at the area and will send an NOV.
Colin also told him that there is a property on Plum Creek Road where the front porch is falling
off the house. Ed was going to check it out as well. There was a discussion about being able to
see properties from above. Colin stated that we need to find out the legality of owning and using
a drone for such issues. Julie was directed to contact Atty. Greco and ask him what the Legality
is of owning and using a drone for things, especially zoning issues.

Comprehensive Plan Update – Mike Brinkash is making the corrections.

Government Funds – Nothing more at this time.

Tyler Karycki/Bill Yost – Property Issue -Marty sent a letter and spoke to Bill Yost. He is
working on this for the township.

Stormwater Management Ordinance -Colin got a copy of Upper Augusta’s and sent it to Ed
Greco to look at.

Replace the Furnace – The board had questions on this. They want to know what the BTU’s are
on the three furnaces we received quotes on, are the Labor and Industry Inspections include or
not. Have Austin contact the various quotes and get the information.

Amusement Tax – Atty. Greco gave Colin a copy to review. Colin will give it to Ed at the next
meeting. Table this until the first meeting in April.

Hazen Road Turn around – Colin is going to reach out to Floyd Long, set up a time and go out
to visit with him. He will take Austin along with him.

Daniel Renn – Request for Conditional Use – Renn Road – Julie completed the letter, read it
aloud for the Board and they agreed she is to send it to Daniel, ask for his signature, have him
return the forms and then the Board will sign them. Once signed a copy will be sent to Daniel
for his files.


Review of and authorization to pay all bills – Paula made a motion to pay all the other bills.
Julie seconded the motion. Motion passed without opposition.

Other New Business – Solar Farm – The Board discussed that they want our Engineer, Mike
Brinkash to head this up. Mike reviewed the plans they sent and sent them a letter indicating
what the plans were deficient in.

Residents Comments – Nothing.

Motion to Adjourn- Paula made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:48 p.m. Julie seconded the
motion. Motion passed without opposition.
FIRST NATIONAL -General $ 139,622.91*
FIRST NATIONAL Gen. Savings $ 19,623.41*
FIRST NATIONAL- State $ 27,334.00*
FIRST NATIONAL-State Savings $ 218,246.23*
$ 41,391.62
Grant Income Account $ 231,335.68*

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