05/24/22 – Meeting Minutes

Shamokin Dam

05/24/22 – Meeting Minutes

The meeting of the Rockefeller Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at
6:00 p.m. at the Township building by Chairman, Colin Clayberger


Colin Clayberger, Paula Greco, Julie Powell, Ed Wenger, Atty. Jim Best, George
Herrold, Joshua Herrold.

Paula made a motion to approve the minutes. Colin seconded the motion. Motion passed
without opposition.

Paula made a motion to file the Treasurer’s report for Audit. Colin seconded the motion.
Motion passed without opposition.






Road Status Report – The crew worked with the other two townships (U.A. and Shamokin) and
started pulling ditches until the belt loader needed repairs. They started back again on it this
week. They also finished grading the dirt roads. They removed a tree from Ferster Hill Road,
they used the gradall on several roads, they worked on cutting Seven Points for the upcoming
base repairs and continued to mow the township lawn and work on the equipment: maintaining

Zoning Investigations – Ed Wenger sent out another letter to the property owner at the end of
Capt. Bloom and Rt. 890. Julie also spoke with the head of the Stonington PSP about it when he
was visiting her Re: Spyglass closing Plum Creek Road. There are several other issues Ed is
dealing with. There was some discussion with Ed Wenger since he was at the meeting. Paula
stated there is a great deal of work being done at the old CC’s on Klinger Road. Julie was asked
to contact Curtis to see if he is aware of it. Ed also wondered about how to proceed with Ernie
Houdeshell. Colin stated he would go by the property on his way home from the meeting.

Comprehensive Plan Update – Colin finished reading through it and gave his copy to Julie for
Mike to pick up. Julie will contact Mike.

Government Funds – The Board has a meeting set up with Sam Hallman and Jeff Cole for June
13, 2022, at 3:00 P.M.

Alarm System – Julie received a message that the company is only waiting on one more
component/part before they can install the new alarm system. Colin is going to contact Rick

Tyler Karycki/Bill Yost – Property Issue – Julie received a phone call from the engineer
working on the new septic system. He returned his call but has not heard from him since.

Covid Guidelines for Employee’s – Nothing at this time.

Agreement with Statewide Tax – Renewal 03/23 – Keep on for future.

Purchase new Broom for Loader – Julie signed the Purchase Order, and the broom is now on
order. No delivery date was given.

Letter to PennDOT about closing Plum Creek Road for Spyglass Winery Events – The
Sergeant from the Stonington Barracks stopped in to speak with Julie on Monday. He stated he
heard that Spyglass may be applying to close the road for future events. Penn DOT’s Dale
Wolfe stated in a letter to Julie that the roads cannot be closed without proper permission given
by the township.


Review of and authorization to pay all bills – Paula made the motion to pay all the bills. Julie
seconded it. Motion passed without opposition.

Other New Business – a) Discuss Belt Loader – Julie stated that there are mechanical issues
with the belt loader and so John Clemens and Ron Perry started looking for another one for the
three townships to purchase together. They found one out in W. Moorland County. This is
owned by another municipality – it is a 2002, Leeboy and at present the first bid is $5500. They
know it needs some work. It will need a new belt which is between $5,000-$6,000. It also will
need painted, and it has a hydraulic leak which will need fixed. They believe the hours are
somewhere between 4,000-5,000. On the machine. The engine is a Cummins. Jeff Murphy from
Shamokin Township was in that area the other day and went to look at it. The one we presently
own was purchased is a 1982 (approximately), we paid $22,000. And put a new belt on it and
painted it before we even started using it. It has worked well but now the parts are becoming
obsolete for this machine. There was some discussion among the Board. It was decided that the
Township would agree to go in with the purchase. Paula made a motion that we agree to
purchase the 2002 Leeboy with Shamokin and Upper Augusta townships for a maximum of
$15,000. Which includes the cost for parts. Julie seconded the motion. Julie said she would talk
to Austin about it in the morning.

b) Stand Alone Noise Ordinance- Julie stated that in her conversation with the State Police and
then later with Ed Wenger, she wanted to suggest to the Board that we consider a stand-alone
Noise Ordinance instead of it just being addressed within our Zoning Ordinance. There have
been issues in the township with people playing music very loud in the early morning hours
when people are sleeping. Julie printed off to sample copies and gave them to the Board to look
at and will send them to Atty. Greco.

Residents Comments – Nothing

Executive Session – The Board called an executive meeting with Attorney Jim Best 6:27.

Meeting readjourned at 7:35.

Motion to Adjourn- Paula made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:35 p.m. Julie seconded the
motion. Motion passed without opposition.

FIRST NATIONAL -General $ 254,371.03
FIRST NATIONAL Gen. Savings $ 19,279.28
FIRST NATIONAL- State $ 4,525.27
FIRST NATIONAL-State Savings $ 212,053.47
$ 72,802.61
FIRST NATIONAL – Special Grants Account

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