06/27/23 – Meeting Minutes

Shamokin Dam

06/27/23 – Meeting Minutes

The meeting of the Rockefeller Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at
6:00 p.m. at the Township building by Chairman, Colin Clayberger


Colin Clayberger, Paula Greco, Julie A. Powell, George Herrold, Ron Bingaman, Rob

Paula made a motion to approve the minutes. Colin seconded the motion. Motion passed
without opposition.
Paula made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Colin seconded the motion.
Motion passed without opposition. Colin pointed out to the residents that our new truck (costing
over $90,000) is completely paid for and we still have $391.62 in the Equipment fund.
The Planning Commission canceled their meeting for July.


Road Status Report -The crew helped Shamokin township with a project. They removed a
downed tree on Carroll Road, they maintained the township equipment, and mowed the township
lawn. The crew have requested we purchase signs for several of our roads that flood. The signs
would warn people about flooding and to NOT go through the water. They would say either DO
NOT ENTER WHEN FLOODED or ROAD MAY FLOOD. The cost is about $122. Per sign.
We are thinking about roads like Houser, Comfort and perhaps Conrad. Colin made a motion we
purchase the signs and Julie seconded it. Colin wants a small sign above them saying

Zoning Investigations -Ed Wenger just returned from vacation, so Julie spoke to him about
setting up a meeting with On A Fly for Overlook Drive property, Beck Road property, and
Hazen Road. Ed stated that the property owner on Overlook is working on bringing his property
into compliance, so the drone is not necessary. He also stated he did not know if we should use it
on Hazen Road because the property owner is the one who will get the citation and not Mr. Long
who has created the problem. Mr. Hassinger, Property Owner is the one who contacted the
township about the problem. Colin told Julie that since the township has an easement there (per
an agreement with Mr. Hassinger) should we be the ones going after Mr. Long? He asked her to
speak to Atty. Greco regarding this matter.

Comprehensive Plan Update – Mike cc’d Julie on an email he sent to Justin Skavery at the
County. The plans are at the County for their review and comment.

Government Funds -Nothing new.

Tyler Karycki/Bill Yost – Property Issue -Marty Sowers wrote a long letter to the Board of
Supervisors regarding this matter and why we need to wait for the resident to get all his permits
in order. The Board agreed to follow Marty’s advice and wait on the issue.

Stormwater Management Ordinance -Colin stated he did receive the updates Julie sent to him
from Atty. Greco. He is reviewing them.

Replace the Furnace – Julie put the advertisement in the Daily Item. Bid opening is set for July
11, 2023.

Amusement Tax – The Board decided to take this off the agenda.

Hazen Road Turn around – Colin said he has not had time to set up a date with Floyd.
However, he wanted to have Julie talk with Atty. Greco as previously mentioned under zoning.

Solar Farm – The engineering group, The Arm Group, contacted Julie last week and wanted to
know if they would be able to schedule a Zoning Hearing for July. Julie stated that they have not
even supplied the township with the applications that they need. She told them she felt the
earliest a hearing could be scheduled would be August as long as the applications are sent in. To
date she has received nothing from them. She sent a note to the ZHB attorney, Mike

Amish Cemeteries – Take off the agenda.

Advertise 2012 F550 Truck- Julie placed an advertisement on MuniciBid. 693 people have
viewed it to date, and of those, four are watching it. There are not bids presently. It ends July 25 th
at 12 noon.

Eric Stahl/Mrs. Baslick/NCCD – Julie spoke with Nathan Brophy. He sent her a copy of the
signed agreement that they had with Mrs Baslick. Mr. Stahl stated at the last meeting that the
agreement included they could not have lights in the parking lot, etc. There is nothing in the
agreement regarding lights. Julie asked the Board if she should write Mr. Stahl to make him
aware of the agreement? The Board discussed it and said that it is between Mrs. Baslick and
NCCD and we should not write the neighbor to update him on the agreement which is between
the other two parties. Take off the agenda.


Review of and authorization to pay all bills – Paula made a motion to pay all the other bills.
Julie seconded the motion. Motion passed without opposition.

Other New Business – None

Residents Comments – None

Motion to Adjourn- Paula made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:12 p.m. Julie seconded the
motion. Motion passed without opposition.

FIRST NATIONAL -General $ 228,902.42*
FIRST NATIONAL Gen. Savings $ 19,702.20*
FIRST NATIONAL- State $ 27,365.89 *
FIRST NATIONAL-State Savings $178,038.90*
Grant Income Account $ 231,587.05*

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