07/12/22 – Meeting Minutes

Shamokin Dam

07/12/22 – Meeting Minutes

The meeting of the Rockefeller Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at
6:00 p.m. at the Township building by Chairman, Colin Clayberger


Colin Clayberger, Paula Greco, Julie Powell, Atty. Ed Greco, Randall Kessler, Rosalie
Smoogen,, Ron Bingaman, James Temple. Colin thanked Paula for taking charge of the meeting
in his absence last month.

Paula made a motion to approve the minutes. Colin seconded the motion. Motion passed
without opposition.
Paula made a motion to file the Treasurer’s report for Audit. Colin seconded the motion.
Motion passed without opposition.
PLANNING COMMISSION REPORT- The Planning Commission met and approved the
plans for an add on to Mike Campbell’s property from James Temple. (Ferster Hill Road)


Road Status Report – The crew did some cold patch work around the township. They also
replaced some downed markers and cleaned a few ditches. The past two days they have been
assisting Shamokin Township with a project. They continue to mow the grass weekly and to
maintain the township equipment.

Zoning Investigations – The Zoning Hearing Board met this past Thursday night to hear two
variance requests. Both requests were granted. 1) Mike Campbell 2) Northumberland County
Conservation District.

Comprehensive Plan Update -Julie stated she had given the information to the Planning
Commission a month ago and asked for their comments by this past meeting Monday, July 11 th
but did not receive any. She said she would contact Lynn and ask her to remind them. Perhaps
the Board of Supervisors will need to attend the next meeting of the Planning to answer any

Government Funds – Atty. Greco prepared an agreement to be signed between Rockefeller
Township and SEC TV. He stated that he would like the board to read over it and respond with
any comments or changes. Colin said he thought it looked good but does feel that a number of
miles of cable needs to be included in the document.

Alarm System – Julie stated that the alarm company started the installation that day and that
they would have it finished by Thursday, July 14, 2022. She asked if Colin contacted the
previous Alarm company owner, Rick Zwatty. He stated that he did call Mr. Zwatty and told him
that we were installing a new system with another company.

Tyler Karycki/Bill Yost – Property Issue – Nothing more

Covid Guidelines for Employee’s – Nothing at this time.

Agreement with Statewide Tax – Renewal 03/23 – Keep on for future.

Purchase new Broom for Loader – Still on order – no new information is available.

Letter to PennDOT about closing Plum Creek Road for Spyglass Winery Events – Julie has
received no additional information from either PennDOT or the PSP about Spyglass applying to
close the roads. Since the Board has not heard anything from PennDOT, the PSP or Webb’s,
Julie was told to take this off the agenda.

Vacation of Alley 2001 – Per Atty. Greco – Andy Long/Joel Wiest – Atty. Greco had the
completed documents ready for the Township Board to sign. Paula made a motion that we sign
the deed, Julie seconded it. The motion passed without opposition. The Board signed the
documents and Atty. Greco took them with him.

Belt Loader – The Board was told that the old belt loader was sold for more than we paid for the
newer one. Colin stated that there is still work being done on the newer one.

Noise Ordinance – Atty. Greco prepared an ordinance for the Board to review. He stated we
could make any changes we felt necessary and discuss at the first meeting of the next month.

Monthly schedule for ZHB – Julie sent a letter to Atty. Best asking if a particular Thursday in
the month would work better for his schedule but has not heard back from him. Colin stated she
should write to him every day until he gets back to her. She felt that could be frustrating for him
but promised to write to him within the next day or so. Atty. Greco stated he would also talk with
when he sees him.

Review of and authorization to pay the Solicitor’s bill – Colin made a motion to pay the
Solicitor’s bill. Julie seconded the motion. Motion passed without opposition. Paula abstained.
Review of and authorization to pay all bills – Paula made the motion to pay all the bills. Julie
seconded it. Motion passed without opposition.

Subdivision plans – James Temple/Mike Campbell. – Julie made a motion to approve and sign
the subdivision plans for James Temple/Mike Campbell. Paula seconded the motion. Motion
passed without opposition.

Other New Business – New Printer/Copier – Julie explained that the printer stopped scanning
and the Board told her to get prices on replacing it and the copier. The copier is also sending
warning signals but the company it was purchased from in 2012 is no longer in business. Julie
explained she has met with a few people and talked with them to see what is needed. Paula stated
she would like to see the township have a machine that is rented/leased with everything covered.
Atty. Greco stated that he has worked closely with CSP Office equipment in Shamokin and they
are extremely happy with the one they purchased from them. He stated that they also have a
service agreement with CSP that has saved him considerable money. Julie stated she did have a
price from them and they were to call her back with the price on another one as well. She stated
she did get pricing for purchasing outright and also for leasing. The Board will discuss this more
at the next meeting.

Residents Comments -Dr. Temple asked if the Board would be ok with the County Fair
allowing wine to be sold. There was some discussion and Colin stated that he felt since it was the
County Fair, the county should be consulted. Atty. Greco stated that Rockefeller Township does
not have any prohibition regarding it. Dr. Temple then asked if the Township would be ok with
the fair goers to park in the parking lot as well as the fair using the back part of our lot to set off
fire works. The Board stated that they didn’t mind but that the stone pile will most likely be there
as the Seal Coat work has not been scheduled yet. Dr. Temple asked if the Board needed a letter
explaining the fireworks, etc. and Atty. Greco stated yes.

Randall Kessler and Rosalie Smoogen were present to discuss the condition of the property
previously known as the Baltimore Life building on Rt. 61 and Carroll Road intersection. They
stated that the owner, Mike Chiboroski has stored junk there and it is an eye sore. Julie stated
that she had turned it over to the Township zoning officer a few weeks before and he was in
charge of it. She stated he had taken pictures, sent a letter with date stating how long he had to
clean it up. They said they also saw he moved in a shed of some sort. Julie stated she did not see
any zoning permits for a shed and would notify Ed Wenger regarding it. The board explained the
process to the residents and stated that even once the Magistrate has the case it may take a while
before he can schedule the hearing. Colin stated it could take as long as October for a resolution.
Motion to Adjourn- Paula made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:32 p.m. Julie seconded the
motion. Motion passed without opposition.
FIRST NATIONAL -General $ 317,411.17
FIRST NATIONAL Gen. Savings $ 19,303.56
FIRST NATIONAL- State $ 4,528.12
FIRST NATIONAL-State Savings $ 212,320.50
$ 72,802.61
FIRST NATIONAL – Special Grants Account

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