08/08/23 – Meeting Minutes

Shamokin Dam

08/08/23 – Meeting Minutes

The meeting of the Rockefeller Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at
6:00 p.m. at the Township building by Chairman, Colin Clayberger


Colin Clayberger, Paula Greco, Julie A. Powell, Atty. Ed Greco, George Herrold, Ron
Paula made a motion to approve the minutes. Colin seconded the motion. Motion passed
without opposition.
Paula made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report and file for audit. Colin seconded
the motion. Motion passed without opposition.

Canceled the meeting for August – no business.


Road Status Report – The crew picked up cold patch. They worked on an area of Pine Hill
Roads, ripping and rebuilding it. They mowed the township lawn, maintained the equipment,
and fixed a portion of Swank Road.

Zoning Investigations – Ed sent a letter out to a property owner on Plum Creek Road that is
putting up a porch without a permit. The property is owned by Nicole Garmen.

Comprehensive Plan Update – Julie wrote to Justin Slavery stating that the township has not
received a letter back from the county regarding our submission of the Comprehensive Plan and
if they had any comments or concerns.

Government Funds – Nothing more.
Tyler Karycki/Bill Yost – Property Issue – Nothing more.

Stormwater Management Ordinance -Colin stated he did receive the updates Julie sent to him
from Atty. Greco. He is reviewing them. He had some questions of Atty. Greco. They reviewed
his questions and the attorney answered them. Colin will try to finish the review.

Replace the Furnace – Julie stated that she placed the ad for a bid on a new furnace in the
newspaper for the second time and still received no bids. Atty. Greco is going to see how the
township can proceed if no bids are received by the due date.

Hazen Road Turn around – Nothing more at this time.

Solar Farm – Nothing more at this time.Atty. Greco stated he saw an article where there was a
fire at a Solar Farm in upstate New York and the residents living near by had to shelter in place.
There was some additional discussion about concerns surrounding the Solar Farms.

Advertise 2012 F550 Truck- The truck is on Municibid and has been getting small bids. Julie
stated that the last time she was notified the truck was only up to $12,600.


Review of and authorization to pay the Solicitors bill – Colin made a motion to pay the
Solicitors bill. Julie seconded it. Paula abstained. Motion passed without opposition.

Review of and authorization to pay all bills – Paula made a motion to pay all the other bills.
Julie seconded the motion. Motion passed without opposition.

Other New Business – Julie was asked if she heard anything back from Nathan Brophy at the
County Conservation District about the bridge someone was attempting to install in the creek by
Spyglass. This creek is a tributary of Little Shamokin Creek. Julie stated that she knows they
turned it over to DEP. Julie was asked to call Nathan for an update.

Computer IT – Julie met with Mr. Fessler of Fessler IT regarding the township computer and the
suggestion made previously about getting a VPN or Networking. Their meeting was three hours
long. He went on her computer and said everything is updated as it should be. He suggested they
consider using the Microsoft Cloud for storage but there was little she could do to access
Quickbooks without being in the office. Mr. Fessler stated he would be available to assist her
should they decide to use the cloud for their Microsoft storage but that the cost to Network
would far exceed the benefits.

Attorney Donald Karpowich – The Board discussed hiring Attorney Donald Karpowich for
future Spyglass Ridge Winery zoning issues. Atty. Karpowich is known for his expertise in this
field. Colin made a motion the township hire Atty. Donald Karpowich to replace James Best as
attorney for Spyglass issues. Julie seconded the motion. The motion passed without opposition.
Julie will write a letter to Atty. Best advising him of this decision and will have Atty. Greco read
over it before she sends it. Julie will also contact Atty. Karpowich so he can start working on the
Julie was asked to contact John Clemens and tell him that there can be NO parking at the
township building when our meeting is going on August 22nd.

There is an article in the Township News magazine that states there may be matching funds
available for Broadband. Paula was going to attempt to talk to Jason Stender at his open house.

Atty. Greco discussed a Road Bonding ordinance. He said the one from Cascade Township in
Lycoming County is one we could model our ordinance from. The Board was going to look at it.

Residents Comments – None

Motion to Adjourn- Paula made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:19 p.m. Julie seconded the
motion. Motion passed without opposition.

FIRST NATIONAL -General $ 231,427.45*
FIRST NATIONAL Gen. Savings $ 19,781.30*
FIRST NATIONAL- State $ 27,395.63 *
FIRST NATIONAL-State Savings $178,753.72*
Grant Income Account $ 231,838.69*

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