10/10/23 – Meeting Minutes

Shamokin Dam

10/10/23 – Meeting Minutes

The meeting of the Rockefeller Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at
6:00 p.m. at the Township building by Chairman, Colin Clayberger


Colin Clayberger, Paula Greco, Julie A. Powell, Atty. Ed Greco, George Herrold, Joe
Scopelliti, Sean Purdy, Wilford Haupt

Paula made a motion to approve the minutes. Colin seconded the motion. Motion passed
without opposition.
Paula made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report and file for audit. Colin seconded
the motion. Motion passed without opposition. Colin stated that he sees we may have a larger
amount of money in the General Fund to carry over into 2024. He asked Julie to see if there was
a better way to make interest on those funds. He stated he recently saw a local bank offering 3
month CD’s for 5.04%. Julie stated she would contact the bank and see if they had anything to
offer. Atty. Greco and Colin suggested that she shop around for the best interest rate.
The Planning Commission met and reviewed plans for Paul Ross. They did not sign them
as they wanted some changes made to them.


Road Status Report -The crew helped Upper Augusta with one of their road projects. They
also did more cold patch work throughout the township. They did some roadside mowing
(Borrowed Shamokin Township’s mower), graded Pine Hill Road, & maintained the township
equipment. They also repaired Shamokin Township’s mower which broke down. Colin asked
Julie what the cost was to fix it and she said about $700. (Much less than having to rent one).

Zoning Investigations – Ed Wenger is sending a letter to Nicole Garmen informing her that she
needs to apply for a Variance or remove the porch she had constructed on her home. He also
spoke with Mike Brinkash about the Witmer Land Development. Sinsel issue was taken to the

Comprehensive Plan Update – The hearing has been scheduled and advertised for the 16th of
October (2023) at 7:00 p.m. at the United Lutheran Church, Seven Points Road, Sunbury. Mike
Brinkash will meet with the Board of Supervisors there at 5:30 to go over the data he will be

Government Funds – Julie read aloud from a note she had received from Sam Hallman
(Manager at SECTV). The cable/internet work is progressing well, and they anticipate the
project being completed by the end of 2023. Also, the work on the new furnace is nearly
completed. They should be finished by tomorrow (10/11/23). We will have to pay the balance of
that. Colin reminded the Board that we are also looking to purchase a generator, so Julie was told
to put it back on the agenda for the next meeting.

Tyler Karycki/Bill Yost – Property Issue – Nothing more.

Stormwater Management Ordinance -Colin did review this and he and Atty. Greco discussed
it. Atty. Greco will make the changes and bring the file to the first meeting of November.

Hazen Road Turn around – Mark Hassinger – Colin stated he will get to this before winter sets

Solar Farm – Members of the Solar Farm project attended the meeting. Colin asked them to
explain their roles in the project. Mr. Purdy and Mr. Scopelliti are the financial backers, and the
coordinators of the project and Mr. Haupt is the property owner. Mr. Purdy explained concerns
they have with the township ordinance. They had previously written and submitted a letter to the
Township Board of Supervisors requesting a new ordinance be written or amendments be made
to our existing one. Colin, Paula and Julie all expressed some concerns they had about the
contents of the letter. One issue Colin mentioned Mr. Purdy stated was definitely incorrect and
he would have it corrected. Some points the Board made was the distance between the rows of
panels. They want the rows to be wide enough for emergency vehicles to be able to get into the
field in case of a fire or other emergency. They also want the turnarounds to be big enough for
the fire trucks to access. Paula told them of a major fire event which occurred in Upper New
York regarding a Solar Farm and the difficulty they had with it. She stated that the residents had
to be sheltered in place because of the toxic fumes from the burning panels. She stated that
could look it up online and find the information regarding it. Julie expressed concern about them
driving through the stream as it is a tributary to Little Shamokin Creek and ultimately the
Chesapeake Water Bay. She was assured they would have a floating bridge installed. Colin also
stated he didn’t like that they were planning on going over the road with wires and suggested
instead, they bore and bury them under Irish Valley Road. They stated they would not have a
problem doing that. There was a lengthy discussion. Mr. Scopelliti asked if would be easier to
just scrap our current ordinance and write a new one of make amendments. Atty. Greco stated
that it would take longer to write a new one. He stated there is a process and it will take
approximately 3 months for an amendment to be made. The group stated they would prepare a
letter and send it to the Board correcting some of the things the Board brought to light. Atty.
Greco stated he would discuss this with the Board at a future meeting. Julie reminded Mr. Purdy
that he had her email address and could forward any questions he might have for the Board. The
Board decided they would also want our engineer Mike Brinkash to review any amendments.

Atty. Karpowich – The Board will be meeting with him on October 30, at 4 P.M.

Road Bonding – Colin is reviewing the information. Paula stated that the Board needs to look at
this because there was some damage to our one road (Pine Hill). Julie said the crew had re-
graded it just last week. Colin stated that as he reviewed Publication 221 from the State he has
some serious concerns. The Security amount is much too small. The one for damage to the dirt
and gravel roads is $6,000 a mile and $12,000 a mile for amesite. Julie stated that if it was that
inexpensive to amesite a road per mile all the township roads would be done. She stated she
didn’t understand how one part of the state could put out such a publication when that is nowhere
near what PennDOT quotes when they ask for a road mileage cost. Colin stated he will speak to
Linda Culver about this when he joins the zoom meeting she has scheduled.

Northumberland County Convention for Township Supervisors – Julie spoke with Karen
Paula dn advised that we had never received the formal invitation. Karen later emailed a copy of
it to her. The Board discussed the convention. Colin said he and his wife Karen will attend. Julie
and Paula will also attend. The meeting is on the 26 th of October at 5:45 at Masser’s in Paxinos.
Julie asked if the Board wanted to donate a centerpiece. There was some discussion about it.
Colin stated he thought they should and asked if Julie would make it. Colin made a motion to
have Julie make a centerpiece with the amount not to exceed $100. Paula seconded the motion.
Motion passed without opposition. Paula said once Julie has an idea on what the ‘theme’ is she
should let her know, if she makes a pasta basket Paula would donate soupies.

Budget 2024 – Colin stated the budget has been completed and advertised in the Daily Item. The
Board will have a hearing on it at the next meeting on October 24, 2023.

Air Wrench – Colin asked Julie if the crew purchased the used Air Wrench from resident
Wayne Yoder for $500. Julie stated that the tool had been received and she paid for it.


Review of and authorization to pay the Solicitor’s bill – Colin made a motion to pay all the
other bills. Julie seconded the motion. Paula abstained. Motion passed without opposition.

Review of and authorization to pay all bills- Paula made a motion to pay all bills, Colin
seconded the motion. Motion passed without opposition.

Other New Business – Paula stated that we need to put the drone use back on the agenda for the
next meeting so we can hire the company (On a Fly) to go over that property on Beck Road that
we have received complaints about. She said we should soon be able to see things once the
leaves have fallen from the trees.
Colin and Paula asked if Julie heard anything from DEP about the bridge that Garman had used
at the Spyglass events. She stated she had spoken to Nathan Brophy and he had turned it over to
DEP. They asked her to find out a status because the bridge is still laying in the field and they are
concerned that Garman will just not do as he is told and then use it again next year during events.

Residents Comments – Resident George Herrold said he would never want to have to do the job
the Supervisors do.

Motion to Adjourn- Paula made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:47 p.m. Julie seconded the
motion. Motion passed without opposition.

FIRST NATIONAL -General $ 241,581.84*
FIRST NATIONAL Gen. Savings $ 19,859.42*
FIRST NATIONAL- State $ 18,361.33 *
FIRST NATIONAL-State Savings $29,282.10*
EQUIPMENT FUND $ 39,691.62*
Grant Income Account $ 223,681.99*

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