Comprehensive Plan

As part of the effort to manage township growth for the best benefit of all township residents, businesses and landowners, Rockefeller Township has developed a Comprehensive Plan.
The Comprehensive Plan is a policy guide for the orderly development of the Township. The Plan’s primary mission is to promote the health, safety, convenience, and general welfare of its citizens. It is intended to organize and coordinate the interrelated collection of people, ideas, land facilities, services, infrastructure, land uses, and environmental elements that comprise the Township as a whole. Thus, the term “comprehensive” is used to express the scope of the plan content.

The plan, in effect, charts the course for municipal growth and change by:
  • Expressing the aims and ambitions of township residents and businesses
  • Being responsive to change.
  • Providing a framework for continual review and revision, as necessary
  • Delineating the municipal form and character it seeks to achieve
Comprehensive Plan

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