Sewer Enforcement Application Fees

Sewer Enforcement Application Fees

  1. Application Fee for all new systems: $250.00

    1. This fee entitles the applicant to a site visit investigation, test pit analysis (maximum 4 per lot) and the preparation of the forms associated with the examination of the test pit(s)
    2. Any evaluation requiring additional field investigation beyond the initial visits to the site stipulated above will require the following fees:
      1. For each additional visit to the site: $125.00
      2. For each test pit over four: $25.00
    3. If the test pit is not dug or the backhoe with operator is not at the site when the Sewage Enforcement Officer visits the site, will require fees commensurate with time spent as determined by the municipality.
    NOTE: All cost and liability associated with the excavation and backfill of the test pit(s) shall be the responsibility of the Applicant.
  2. Percolation Test: $350.00

    1. The fee associated with this portion of the application covers the cost of performing the percolation test which shall be limited to one complete test on six (6) holes and completing the appropriate test report forms stipulated by PA DEP. If additional percolation tests shall be required, this fee shall be repeated for each additional test.
      1. The applicant will be responsible for digging the percolation test holes to the depth and size required by the Sewage Enforcement Officer and presoaking of the percolation holes to conduct the test.
      2. The applicant will be responsible for supplying sufficient water at the site for the conduction of the tests.
      3. If the percolation test holes are not properly prepared by the applicant and tests can not be conducted, the applicant will be charged a fee commensurate for time spent as determined by the municipality.
  3. Permit Fee for all single family residents. This includes one (1) design review and final inspection of the system (two trips): $325.00

    NOTE: If additional design reviews and trips to the site are required for inspection the fee will be commensurate with work performed as determined by the municipality.
  4. Permit Fee for all multy-family, commercial, institutional or other applications will be based on the size of the disposal system.

    1. 150 sq. ft. to 1000 sq. ft. $325.00
    2. 1001 sq. ft. to 2500 sq. ft. $375.00
    3. 2501 sq. ft. to 5000 sq. ft. $500.00
    4. 5001 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. $600.00
  5. Inspection Fees – The cost of final inspection is included in the permit fee. If the system is not ready for inspection when notified, or corrections must be made, will require fees commensurate with the work performed as determined by the municipality.

  6. Transfer of application and/or permit $150.00

  7. Fee for investigating any on-site sewerage system malfunction (repairs) will require fees commensurate with the work performed as determined by the municipality. If, upon the investigation of the malfunction, the SEO determines that a new on-site sewerage system be installed, soils testing and percolation testing will be performed. Fees for the soils and percolation testing will follow the appropriate fee schedule.

  8. Fee for review of Act 537 planning modules, for all residential, industrial, commercial, institutional and other facilities will required fees commensurate with work performed as determined by the municipality.

  9. Permit Fee for Holding Tanks: $250.00

  10. Permit Fee for repair of on-site sewerage system so long as such application does not involve any of the investigation and design review expenses associated with and implied by Steps I through IV: $200.00

    1. For any repair permit that includes a site visitation prior to issuance of a repair permit, an additional $125.00 will be added to the above Permit Fee.
  11. Yearly Inspection Fee to inspect any On-site Sewerage System, which requires an inspection: $150.00

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