The zoning regulations and districts herein set forth have been made in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan and are designed to:

Promote, protect and facilitate the public health, safety, morals, general welfare, coordinated and practical community development, proper density of population, civil defense, disaster evacuation, airports and national defense facilities, the provisions of adequate light and air, police protection, vehicle parking and loading space, transportation, water, sewerage, schools, public grounds and other public requirements.

Prevent overcrowding of land, blight, danger and congestion in travel and transportation, loss of health, life or property from fire, flood, panic or other dangers.

How Do I Get a Permit?

The Permit process is as follows:
  • Applicant will need to submit a completed application and required information including permit fee, made payable to Rockefeller Township, to the Township by either dropping it off at the Township Building, or mailing it to the attention of the Zoning Officer at Rockefeller Township, 538 Brush Valley Rd, Sunbury, PA 17801.
  • Once the Zoning Officer receives the application, it will be reviewed and if it is found to be in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance a Zoning Permit Placard will typically be issued within 5-7 business days.
  • If the project does not require a Uniform Construction Code Building Permit, the placard will be mailed to the property owner. If the project does require a Uniform Construction Code Building Permit, the Zoning Permit Placard will be forwarded onto the Building Codes Department and the Building Permit and Zoning Permit Placards will be issued at the same time.

If you have any zoning-related questions, please feel free to contact Ed Wenger of Lehigh Engineering, LLC, at (570) 640-2661 or via email at EdW@Lehighengineer.com. Ed can also be reached at the Township Building Thursday evenings between 4:00-6:00.

If it appears to the Township of Rockefeller that a violation of this Chapter has occurred, the Township shall initiate enforcement proceedings by sending an enforcement notice as provided in this Section.

The enforcement notice shall be sent to the owner of record of the parcel on which the violation has occurred, to any person who has filed a written request to receive enforcement notices regarding that parcel and to any other person requested in writing by the owner of record.

The following document provides a legal basis and framework for future community development. Its provisions are guided by the goals, objectives and proposals contained within the Township of Rockefeller Comprehensive Plan.

Zoning Districts

The Township’s zoning ordinance is a written regulation that defines how property in a specific zoning district can be used. Rockefeller Township is divided into nine zoning districts: 

  • Conservation
  • Agriculture
  • Residential/Agriculture
  • Agriculture Holding
  • Village Center
  • Traditional Village
  • Mixed Use
  • Neighborhood Commercial
  • Commercial/Industrial

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