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    Getting Started

    After completion of this form, the applicant will be emailed a partially completed Zoning Application. Afterward, it is the applicant's responsibility to complete a Plot Plan as well as make sure they have completed all items on the Zoning Application Checklist (can be referenced in the partially completed application).

    Once the application is complete, please deliver it to Rockefeller Township Zoning Officer, Ed Wenger (Lehigh Engineering LLC) at (570) 640-2661.

    If you prefer to complete the Zoning Application by hand, please download the PDF version.

    Property/Owner Information
    Applicant Information (if other than the owner)
    Property Information

    Purpose of Permit Request



    Project Infomation

    Lot & Building Information
    Coverage (includes all impervious surfaces)

    Proposed Setbacks (location of the proposed structure from the lot lines indicated in feet)

    Additional Features

    For changes to existing residential structures
    Plot Plan

    Require. Application will be declared incomplete without attaching Plot Plan.

    A plot plan showing all existing improvements and proposed construction, including driveways, walkways, stormwater management features, easements, and utilities shall accompany this application. The plan shall include measurements of setbacks from all property lines and from the right-of-way of any road frontage on the property. Adjoining properties shall be labeled. Until such plan is submitted, this application shall not be considered complete and will not be processed.

    If the proposed is a Business, Industry, Home Occupation, or a Change of Use of a new or existing building, please enclose a detailed description outlining the products sold, manufacturing process, services rendered, equipment to be used, floor areas of building, number of employees, and any other information that is necessary to thoroughly describe the proposed operation.

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